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The game often played double or single which needs stamina intelligence and technique which avoid various diseases and sharpens our mind is obviously badminton.

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching is on offer with Badminton-Dubai for all ages with a view to training individuals to a high competition level. We also offer special ‘ladies only’ sessions.

Badminton for women

We are specialized in coaching both men and women in our academy and we welcome all the ladies of any age to come and experience our brilliant coaching.

Kids Clinics

Friday & Saturday 10 am – 12 Noon and 5 pm – 7pm is specifically for ages 5-17 years and aims to develop individuals from a young age into competition standard players.

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Dubai -United Arab Emirates.

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Life is a game, Badminton is serious.

Coach Deepika started her Badminton career at the age of 12 years and has learnt the game from a number of internationally renowned coaches. She is very much in love with the game and plays left-handed. Due to dedication, commitment and love towards Badminton have led her to the below-mentioned accolades, known as “Queen of Badminton” in Sri Lanka.

“Discipline is the bridge between your badminton goals and badminton success”

Sriyani Deepika

Our Head Coach

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Who We are...

Deepika Sports Academy is specialized in not just youngsters but also for any other individual regardless of gender or age. We provide quality and professional training for everyone and has been doing it for the past (no of years) years. We also provide special training and coaching sessions for people of determination.

Unmatched expertise....

We are well equipped with all the necessary materials to enchance and develop skills while creating an enjoyable ambience for our students. From daily indoor and outdoor workouts to inter academy tournaments we provide all the necessary training for any individual to unlock their potential while creating more opportunities.

Qualified staff...

Coach Deepika is a renowned character in badminton with a vast number of titles and many years of experience in coaching qualified with level 2 of BWF. Deepika Badminton academy is well equipped with professionally trained coaches qualified with BWF levels to provide the best services for anybody of any level.

Latest Case Studies

“Badminton is not only about winning. What is important to me is about playing hard, doing my best and putting up a good show for the spectators.”

-Lee Dan-

What Students Say About Us

Khushi Rupareliya

“Deepika badminton academy will always be my first choice when it comes to learning the sport. When I first joined the academy, I felt very welcomed, the coaches were very approachable. I’ve personally seen a lot of improvement in my performance. The skills that we practice are personalized to you. The coach knows exactly what my strengths and weaknesses are. When I first started, I was so afraid of playing matches but now I feel confident in the court.”

"I thoroughly enjoy attending Deepika’s Badminton Academy. I have been a member of this academy for almost 6 years, and my badminton skills have truly developed during each and every session. The classes are extremely engaging, and we get to improve our game by learning a wide variety of new techniques and shots."
"This academy has students from all levels starting from a beginner all the way to a senior. This has really allowed me to improve as a badminton player as I got the chance to play with students in different levels. The coaches in the academy are also one of the main reasons why I have improved so much in badminton, they always correct my mistakes on the spot and also challenge me in training so that I can improve."
Mridula Dhruva
"I have been training with Coach Deepika at Deepika Badminton Academy since 2014. It is a fun and competitive environment with many good players and friendly coaches, who help one another to get better."
Shreya Kapitzki
"I love Badminton! I have been going to Coach Deepika since last summer. I like training with her because I learn new things, I keep fit, I get to play with students from different age groups and it's a lot of fun. But most of all because coach is very kind!"
Sashank Perera

Our Expert Coaching Team

Best quality coaching for all who want to improve Badminton skills. techniques & footwork.
Mastering the basics, gaining the feel of court sense, you’ll be able to improve rapidly.

Sriyani Deepika

Head Coach

Mohan Perera


Meeta Bhandari


"If we dare to win, we should also dare to lose"

Dato’ Lee Chong Wei
National Badminton Player